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Designing a Dream Home

Our 2017 Parade of Homes client, Yolanda, a talented and experienced interior designer excited that she the opportunity to actually build her dream home , got right to work sketching out the features she’d like included in it as soon as they decided they were going to build.  “I’d thought of architecture before interior design; … Continue reading

Welcome to the Spring 2017 Parade of Homes!

When it came time to select a builder for their dream home, Yolanda and her husband Clint did their homework.  Yolanda, an interior designer, had many connections in the real estate and trades industries and also had friends who’d built homes. “When we bought our land, I heard from our realtor that she’d heard good … Continue reading

Building a Better Community with the HBA

Roulette, cards, dice, costumes, and more = just your average day at Heartland Builders! Well, maybe not so much “average” in terms of activity, but it’s definitely part of our regular routine to support the Home Builders Association (HBA) and their foundation, which hosted the recent Hearth & Home Vegas-style fundraiser! While Rich & Cindy … Continue reading

Guildmaster Service Excellence Winner!

We’ve got exciting news to share!  We received word that we’ve been selected as a 2017 Guildmaster Excellence in Service Award from Guild Quality, an independent third-party organization we use to survey our clients regarding their experiences building a custom home with us.  Our past clients’ feedback and comments are available for anyone to see — and we … Continue reading

20 and Counting!

1997 was an eventful year.  Steve Jobs returned to Apple (and we know the rest of that story).  The first Harry Potter book was published.  Dolly the Sheep was the first successfully cloned animal.  Titanic and Jurassic Park dominated the theaters.  Princess Diana died in a traffic accident in France.  The Spice Girls and Garth … Continue reading