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20 Years Building a Better Community: Carl’s Cub Scouts

“Scouting helps boys to become aware of their own potential and helps them learn the value of their own worth, and it helps develop their self-confidence.  The Cub Scout motto is do YOUR best.  Not better than someone else.  It’s about helping the boys strive for their personal best.”

Carl Prowant is our architectural designer, and he’s also a Cub Scout leader.  He’s helping to build a better community by investing in the lives of the boys his pack serves. 

Helping boys grow is why I do this,” says Carl.

One of the ways that we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary this year is by sharing on the 20th of the month about one of the opportunities that we have to invest in the community that we’re proud to call home and that has supported us over the past 20 years.  This month we’re honored to feature Carl’s community service as the Cedar Spring Cubmaster, a position he’s held for the last 3 years.

Carl has been involved with the Scouts most of his life.  He began as a Tiger Club in first grade and eventually earned his Eagle Scout award in the Boy Scouts.  “This has always been a program that’s part of my life.  So it was natural for me to want to volunteer and give back to the program that’s shaped who I am.

That opportunity first came along when Carl’s oldest son joined Cub Scouts in first grade.  “They needed volunteers, so I volunteered!” said Carl.  “I just love working with these boys!

Carl has invested so much of himself into Cub Scouts because he believes in their mission and because he sees the impact in boys’ lives.

“We teach duty to God, duty to country, and the importance of helping others at all times.  Cheerful service to others is a huge part of Scouting even when they’re young.  We’re always doing service projects – raking leaves, opening doors for people, can drives for food and things like that.”

Seeing the boys in his pack engage in selfless service to others is what inspires Carl to continue serving. 

“I’ve seen my boys picking up trash in parking lots without being asked to.  Open doors for people.  Saying thank you.”  It’s gratifying for Carl to see the Scouts’ focus on intentional character development shape the boys’ actions and attitudes.

The Wednesday before Memorial Day the Cub Scouts (as well as Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts groups too, among others) go to Veterans Home and put flags on the graves of fallen. They also walked through the halls and the Scouts talked to the veterans that live there.

“Seeing that interaction, and also the respect the boys showed to those veterans was amazing.  Duty to country is part of what we teach, and the boys get it when they talk to those veterans.  In turn, the way the veterans find joy in those young Scouts in uniform showing respect for the flag and the veterans and history and the heritage that the veterans devoted a huge part of their life for it just comes full circle.”

We’re proud of the role that Carl plays in these boys’ lives and of his commitment to building a better community by building up the boys who live here!

“I don’t volunteer for me – it’s getting to see those glimpses that make it worthwhile.  Helping a boy learn his own worth is the greatest gift you can give a boy.


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