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Local First!

Cindy enjoying the Local First member mixer event

We’re a small business.  The trade contractors we partner with are small businesses.  We buy materials from many other small businesses in West Michigan.   We support the “buy local” movement and we supported the recent “Small Business Saturday” but really, every day is Small Business Day at Heartland Builders!  Small business is who we are!

So we were thrilled to find out about Local First, an organization that leads “the development of an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic
needs of people, builds local wealth and social capital, functions in harmony with our ecosystem, and encourages joyful community.
” In short, Local First is an organization dedicated to supporting an
d connecting the small business community here in West Michigan.  We heard about them, learned about them, and joined them!  We’re thrilled to be part of a group that feels as passionately about small business as we do!

Why we love small businesses and why we joined Local First:

  • Small businesses are our friends and neighbors and employ our friends and neighbors right here in West Michigan.
  • Small businesses support our community right here in West Michigan! We’re fortunate to live in an area known for giving back, and small businesses drive that spirit.  Just in our industry alone, we see our colleagues building ramps, collecting & distributing donations for various projects and people, and financially supporting nonprofits that are critical to the well-being of our entire community.
  • Small businesses drive innovation, turning great ideas into great products and services.
  • Small businesses solve problems and offer great customer service.
  • Small businesses are the heart of our community.

local-firstFor nearly 20 years, we’ve been building custom homes and we love what we do. For these 20 years we’ve also been building a better community and feel fortunate to be able to give back to the community that supports us.  Thanks, Local First, for supporting small businesses and for helping connect us with other folks who love small businesses like we do!

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