Our Process

Our Building Process

We are proud of the process we have developed at Heartland Builders and believe that our process provides our customers with a superior building experience.  While it is hard to convey our passion for building your home through words, we hope that what you read below is helpful.  

Key elements of our process: 

  • "Build with Confidence" philosophy:
    • Knowing how much your home is going to cost before we break ground so that you can enjoy the building experience and not worry about unexpected overages.  To accomplish this, all of our customers make their final selections before we break ground.  
    • Our Selections Coordinator will assist you throughout the entire selection process so that your finished home is beautiful and affordable!
    • Our construction schedule ensures that once we start framing, you will have daily access to your schedule of construction.  We will build your home according to a schedule.  
    • Third Party Inspection occurs in each of our homes after the home is insulated (pre drywall inspection), and we conduct a blower door test on all of our homes at the end of the process also.  
  • 3D Design – see your home before we build it
  • Customer Based Software allows our customers to:
    • Review construction costs & manage change orders.  You will approve each of these in advance of implementation.  
    • See progress photographs of their home during construction.
    • Email & communicate with Heartland Builders staff.
  • Customer meetings occurring onsite validating our efforts on your behalf
  • Weekly telephone call from one of us to you. 
  • Homeowner Orientation – At the end of construction, we will meet at your home and walk through it together to ensure that it meets your approval.  You will sign off indicating your approval of the home.  

What can you expect from Heartland's building process?

  • A professional experience 
  • Communication
  • A home built on time
  • A home built according to your budget / selections.  

How long does it take to build a home?  

If we were to meet you today for the very first time, here is what we think the timing would be: 

    • 14 days to 30 days – Floor plan, Site Evaluation, Estimate and Contract
    • 45 days to 60 days – Financing and Pre-Construction
    • 5 to 6 months – Construction of Your Home 

Please know that: 

  • We need to take the time to plan accordingly.  We won’t start construction immediately after you make selections.  Once you make them, we have to plan for them (modify drawings, notify trades/suppliers, etc.).  
  • Rare is the builder that will share the Schedule of Construction with their customers.  We do.  Once we start framing we have a high degree of certainty relative to how long it will take to build your home.  You will have daily access to the schedule of construction.  

How can you help ensure a positive experience?

  • We believe that building a home is a partnership of equals.  We need each other!
  • Our experience tells us that customers who enjoy the building process the most have two attributes: 
    • The ability to make a decision
    • The ability to live within their means

Please know that: 

  • Our Selections Coordinator will help you with your selections.  
  • We do not care how much your house costs.  We just want you to be able to afford it and live comfortably.  It will be beautiful no matter the cost.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, please see the diagram of our process below.  Please also be sure to read the summary of the process below the diagram.  Once you do, you will have a great understanding of how the home building business works.   

grand rapids builders heartland builders

Selecting a Floor Plan

  • Bring your own plan or pick one of ours and modify it to your liking.

Think about: 

  • What rooms (and sizes of rooms) are important to you? 
  • What features are important to you? 
  • What about your current home do you like/dislike? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • If you pick one of our plans, we can show it to you in 3D.
  • If we design a home for you, we can show it to you in 3D.  
  • If you do not have a plan and you desire to modify one of our plans, we will ask that you sign a Design Services Agreement.  When you sign our contract, you will provide us with a deposit.  

Land Evaluation

  • We will help you find the right site for you. 
  • We will help you evaluate the site.
  • Never purchase a site without inviting a builder to help you understand the site
  • Typically customers tie the financing of the land in with the financing of the construction of the home.  

Determining the Cost of the Home

  • We will tell you the price of the home based on plan design, features and estimated site improvement costs.  
  • We do not care how much your house costs.  We just want you to be able to afford it and live comfortably.  It will be beautiful no matter the cost.  
  • Live within your means.


  • In order to obtain bank financing you need: 
    • Land
    • Construction Drawings
    • A Contract with a builder 
  • When you sign our contract, you will provide us with a deposit.  


  • We always recommend that you get prequalified with a lender.  It will help us determine what design / home plan is best for you.  
  • Our customers provide their own financing.  
  • We can recommend financing sources.
  • We can help you understand general industry practices relative to financing.
  • Typically customers tie the financing of the land in with the financing of the construction of the home.  


  • Your initial meeting with our Selections Coordinator begins once we have a signed Building Contract.
  • Final selections take place before we break ground.
  • Construction is 75% planning and 25% construction.  Plan right, build right.  
  • You will sign off on your construction drawings, your site plan and your selections at a Pre-Construction meeting.  
  • You will know how much your house is going to cost BEFORE you break ground (with very little exception).

MI Homes by Grand Rapids Builders, Heartland Homes

During Construction we typically hold the following customer meetings: 

  • Site Plan Review 
  • Rough-In Walkthrough
  • Pre-Trim Walkthrough
  • Final Stages Walkthrough
  • Homeowner Orientation

We will take a lot pictures of the construction of your home and share them with you.  

Closing Day = Moving Day

Congratulations!  Mission accomplished.  Well done.  It’s time to move in.   You are free to move into your home once all of the following have taken place: 

  • All monies have been paid to Heartland Builders
  • The Homeowner Orientation has taken place with proper signatures
  • The Certificate of Occupancy has been issued
  • Your bank has finished processing your loan (closing).  

Building a home is a great experience.  It’s really pretty easy.  If you are interested in building a home, we would love to talk to you.  Please call or email us today.  We are here to help you.