20th Anniversary Video

We’re celebrating 20 years this year!! After 20 years, we still take building houses seriously – but not ourselves!

Top 10 Fun Facts About our 20th Anniversary Video

1.  Gone Country: When we started tossing around the video idea, Rich produced the winning soundtrack inspiration:Toby Keith’s “I Should’ve Been a Cowboy”.  A man serious about his business, he was in Nashville a few weeks later and bought the cowboy hat he’s (proudly) sporting in the video.

2.  Moonlighting:  Needing lyrics for the video, we turned to a pro in the field: Mrs. Joy VanderVennen..., 5th grade teacher at West Side Christian School (and our marketing director Heidi’s daughter’s teacher!).  Her extensive list of hits includes the “Frozen”-inspired viral hit “Let Them Go” and the Jimmy Fallon-inspired Facebook sensation “Happy”.

3.  We All Have That One Friend:  Lyrics in hand, we enlisted the services of The Human Jukebox, a.k.a. Jamison Worst, another friend of Heidi’s and realtor by day with Midwest Properties LLC,.  “Would you like me to use a country twang when I record it?” he asked.Country roads,  take me home.

4.  Coming Out of the Closet: Jamison recorded and mixed this entire song in his “home studio,” which is more commonly referred to as his coat closet.

5.  Horsin’ Around:  We drew creative inspiration from the opening scene in this version of Toby Keith’s original hit, and we originally had a lead on some miniature horses for the video shoot.  When that didn’t pan out, we turned to the next best thing:Burro Brand (saw)horses, and the vintage Bouncy Horse. Yee-haw!

6.  Bucket List: The only way we could talk our Design Consultant Lisa into this whole thing was to promise her that she could drive an excavator.  And drive she did.

7.  Groovy: To say we’re rhythmically-challenged would be an egregious understatement.  The Sound-of-Music-inspired scene at 1:21 took approximately 2 dozen takes.

8.  Rated “R” for Revealing:  Rich’s bathtub scene hails back to this infamously disturbing Facebook post.Several other takes didn’t make the cut.  You’re welcome.

9.  What Are Friends For?  For celebrating 20 years in the business with, that’s what!  We found out it’s amazing what people will do for a free lunch.  Thanks to ALL of you for joining in our celebration!

10.  Take a Bow:  Videographer extraordinaire Johnny Finch agreed to film and edit this entire project during finals week of his senior year at Grand Valley State University.  Not only is he immensely talented (I mean, look what he had to work with!), he’s a great guy to work with!  If you have video needs, Jonny’s your guy.