Why Heartland

Choosing your builder is one of the most important decisions you will make in the building process.  First, we are a well established builder in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and we don't just care about how great your home is, we also care about how well you enjoyed the process of building your home.  So, what do we do to help ensure that both your home and the building process are GREAT? 

  • It’s a Team Effort.  We are builders.  We love what we do.  But, we also know that it is never our home.  It is your home.  For us to build your home right, we need your input.  We will design your home together, we will help you with selections and we will seek your participation during construction.  In the end, your team helped you build your home.  Done well, we all win.  
  • We design our homes in 3D so you can See Your Home Before we Build it.  Inside and out!
  • It’s Easy.  We are a process driven company.  We want our customers to have a positive experience.  We walk our customers through the processes of land evaluation, architectural design, selections, construction, closing and warranty.  
  • We provide Interior Design Assistance to our customers. We want you to love you home.  We want you to have confidence in your choices.  We will help you.  Let it be fun and it will be fun.  
  • Value.  We start with value engineering your architectural design.  We assist you with selections to help you manage your tastes and your wallet.  We build new homes in Michigan efficiently.  We want you to Live within your Means.  We will help you.  
  • We were Green before Green was Cool!  We hire a 3rd party Energy Rater to test EVERY one of our homes.  The home is evaluated prior to construction, inspected after insulation (pre-drywall) leading to a blower door test at the end of the construction process.  
  • Your home should age as graciously as you do.  We love Universal Design. Every design speaks for itself, but you can count on Heartland designing your home using wider doors, wider hallways, wider stairs and clear floor space whenever and wherever possible.  
  • Quality Construction.  We are only as good as the trade contractors and suppliers that will help us build your home.  We are proud of who we work with.  Your home will be built according to a defined scope of work, using quality products and craftsmen according to a published schedule of construction (that you get to see).  We stand behind our homes.  
  • We will help you with your Site Evaluation.  It's not just the cost of the site that matters, it is also the costs of site improvement.  We want to help you evaluate those costs.  We want you to be informed buyers!
  • Our customers tell us we do it right.  We care about our performance just as much as we care about your home.  We hire a 3rd party firm to survey every customer (click on the Customer Satisfaction Survey link).   We want customer feedback.  We believe in the value of continuous improvement and we know that our customers make us better.  It’s a team effort! 

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Heartland Builders.  If you are reading this, it means you care.  We care too!  If you feel that we are the right builder for you please call or email us today.